August 05, 2016

Pre-Order Promotions Winners

And we have winners!

For pre-ordering your copy of Invisible Victims: Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women these happy readers won a portable lipstick-sized charger for their phone.

  • Tiffany McKnight (Canada)
  • Veronica Westfall (USA)
  • Linda Bergeron (USA)
  • Colleen Scott (Canada)
  • Darlene Horn (USA)
  • Arlene White (Canada)
  • Helle Gade (Denmark)
  • Melissa Chick (USA)
  • Lee Knieper Husemann (USA)
  • Connie Boland (Canada)


The winner of the $50 Amazon gift certificate is A. Slawson from the USA! Congrats and happy shopping! 

Congrats all and enjoy! To purchase a copy of Invisible Victims, simply follow this link. 

Don't forget to post a brief review on Amazon after you've read. Would love to hear what you thought.

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