Pre-Order Promotions Winners

And we have winners!

For pre-ordering your copy of Invisible Victims: Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women these happy readers won a portable lipstick-sized charger for their phone.

Tiffany McKnight (Canada)Veronica Westfall (USA)Linda Bergeron (USA)Colleen Scott (Canada)Darlene Horn (USA)Arlene White (Canada)Helle Gade (Denmark)Melissa Chick (USA)Lee Knieper Husemann (USA)Connie Boland (Canada)


The winner of the $50 Amazon gift certificate is A. Slawson from the USA! Congrats and happy shopping! 

Congrats all and enjoy! To purchase a copy of Invisible Victims, simply follow this link.

Don't forget to post a brief review on Amazon after you've read. Would love to hear what you thought.

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